This wristwatch is in excellent condition. There are no Rolex Day-Date Replica scratches on the crystal or the case. The wristwatch comes with a black leather thick band with a steel buckle.Swiss Replica Watches It measures 22mm in width. It is Rolex Day-Date Replica accurate in time and was serviced professionally by a watchmaker. This GP chronograph does exactly what it says. This watch is a classic, elegant piece of timepiece that's very affordable Rolex Day-Date Replica considering its rarity and condition. This watch is a must-have for all lovers of elegant Rolex Day-Date Replica chronographs.Frederique Constant, a manufacturer of luxury wristwatches, is located in Plan-les-Ouates (Geneva). Peter Stas, a Rolex Day-Date Replica Dutch entrepreneur, established the company in 1988. Aletta Bax is responsible for all stages of watch production, including initial design and final assembly. The company's name Rolex Day-Date Replica derives from the names of the founders, specifically Frederique Schreiner (1881-1969), and Constant Stas (1880-1967), who founded a watch dial manufacturing business in 1904. Frederique Constant is now one of the largest Swiss Rolex Day-Date Replica watchmakers for luxury and affordable watches.

Frederique Constant sponsors many classic car rallies around the Rolex Day-Date Replica world since 2004 and has created limited-edition watches to commemorate each event.Rolex Day Date Replica These include the Healey Challenges and Peking to Paris. Peking to Paris was an Rolex Day-Date Replica automobile race that took place between Peking (now Beijing), Qing China, and Paris, France. It covered a distance of 9,317 mi (14,594 km). The race was an exciting adventure for both the participants and their cars. After the USSR was established in 1917, Rolex Day-Date Replica the race ended. However, reenactments began again after the fall of the Soviet Union.This chronograph was made in 1888 pieces. It is a tribute to the epic four-wheel adventure. The Rolex Day-Date Replica polished stainless steel case measures 43 mm in diameter and 14,5 mm in height. Its silver/black dial features stainless steel hands and indices. This makes it a classic and Rolex Day-Date Replica appealing result, reminiscent of more famous and expensive racing chronographs. A sapphire scratchproof and engraved crown complete the chronograph. We also find a sapphire glass viewing windows from which to admire the Peking-to-Paris logo-rotor. This chronograph also features the calibre FC-392 which is an automatic reliable chronograph movement.Rolex Day-Date Replica

Rolex Day-Date Replica